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Prototype CAD Stations of the Future
Prototypes of CAD Station
This was a fun project. Create a 3D model and series of renderings and images of a prototype of a futuristic CAD station (Computer Aided Design). The system was a large pressure sensitive LCD panel laid out similar to a drafting table. Complete with parallel rule and digital pen the system would allow architects, designers, and engineers alike to design in a way not possible by ordinary drafting table or mouse. The system did not stop there, it went further to incorporate a second flat panel display to the designers left, that included a video conference and display system that could double as an extra computer monitor. The system would also double as a standard computer complete with standard keyboard and optional mouse attachment for those with a nostalgic need. At this time cost is perhaps the only deterrent in this "fictitious" products creation. Since its creation in 1997, many flat panel systems have not only come of age, but even allowed one to draw on them as well.

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Close-Up of CAD Workstation
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