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3-D Renderings of a Visitors Center
As a contractor to a large and well known architecture firm, Arcamedia created an extremely complex 3-D model of a large visitors center proposed for the city of Philadelphia. The model included roof sculptures that when viewed from specific angles created the illusion of a whole series of scenes. Many exhibit rooms were not just modeled, but had all exhibits placed within them, fully articulated to the designer's specifications to the exhibits form and even content. The visitors center was as much an information center, as it was an homage and museum to the history of Philadelphia. It's long rectilinear shape and complex roof and skylight system is echoed in the buildings that surround it and its pivotal views of them. The building fits in its surroundings symbiotically. The model had to do the same and therefore required the modeling of the surrounding area to a fairly high level of detail too.

Below are some renderings of the project click on any one to enlarge.
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