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3M & Ultraclenz Soap Systems
Ultraclenz and 3M Portable Display System with Prototypes
Arcamedia created 3-d models and renderings of many soap dispenser designs for 3M and UltraClez systems. The forms of the systems was our own and had to meet tight restrictions for the materials and electronics that went into these "hands free" automatic ultrasonic and infrared soap dispensers. One model had to be large and was designed for surgical operatories in large hospitals. It held 2 quarts of anti-bacterial soap. Another model was a consumer level unit and had to hold one of dial's brands of consumer hand soaps currently available on the market. It also had to contain an optional attachment for holding tooth brushes and razors. Arcamedia not only designed injection molding ready designs on the computer, but also created working prototypes utilizing the supplied "hands-free" electronics and computer, along with the motor and pump system. Arcamedia went further to create portable trade-show booth displays that housed the working prototypes.
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