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Interactive News Inc.
Interactive News was a prototype system built to study the possibility of how news video could be displayed via the Internet. The system was actually designed before the boom in 1995. The system uses a community slider system that allows the viewer to chose a "level" of news that they wish to watch. First, the user chooses a news section (i.e. entertainment, headline, weather, etc), then they would move one slider to the right to go from local news to state to time zone to national to world news. The next slider allows the user to adjust the rating of the story from front page to back page stories in ten steps. A front-page story might be a major headline while a back page story could be something like a charity having a party to raise money.

The ideas for the news system were based off of the concept that people enjoy watching the half hour news, but only enjoy certain stories and specific sections like entertainment and headline news, but not sports and weather. In this case, the person would come to the interactive news system and get the stories they want from the sources they want in less time. The system also allowed for a live community chat engine that allowed viewers to share and read peoples feedback on a story as you watch it. Interactive news was a system designed before its time and is still in many ways waiting for that day to come, but just image when it does...
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