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Woodward Sports Camp
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Woodward Camp is the premiere location for training of inline skating, skateboarding, biking, and gymnastics. The facilities at Woodward have been used by ESPN's X-treme sports for the X games and the US Gymnastics Olympic team. It is located in Woodward, PA and is a sprawling campus of airplane hangers and custom structures. Woodward touts that they train "only the best of the sports that they focus on.” Woodward enlisted Arcamedia’s designers to create a kiosk system to be located in sporting-goods stores that promoted not only Woodward, but also sponsoring companies that make skates, bikes and boards. These companies would pay a fee that would pay for the kiosks construction. In exchange each sponsor was given a section of the interface to display their commercials and products were the monetary incentive for the kiosks construction. The kiosk displayed commercials and products.
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