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Elastic Boston
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Elastic Boston Spheres
Elastic Boston Spheres
In 1995, while Adam Halem was a graduate student at MIT, he studied at the MIT Media Lab. Among the many projects Adam worked while studying at the Media Lab was one called Elastic Boston. This project was initiated at the beginning of the construction of the "Big Dig" project in Boston. At that time the Media Lab was creating an advanced interactive montage that spoke of the "people" and how the project affected them. The project took many forms from simple images to complex models in 3D built on high-end ONYX stations (Silicon Graphics).

These screen shots shown in this example are from the portion of the project that Adam designed. The images to the left represent worlds of people. Each sphere making up the satellite of spheres is a 3D representation of content-like the images below. Each image below is a series of mapped videos playing over a still image representing a point of discussion. The project was complex and yet simple at the same time. The project was both complex in its creation and concept, but simple in its operation and use. For this reason Adam felt it was a proper example to show for Arcamedia's web site, because it embodies the most important aspects of multimedia design:

"always design and lead with the user in mind."
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