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Four Architecture and Levis Co.
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Levis and Four Graphic
Arcamedia was asked to create a high impact, cutting edge, and comprehensive presentation for the creation of 200+ Levis Strauss stores throughout the Canadian Territories. Four Architecture was one of the firms selected to complete the bidding process. One of the major hurdles was to make a presentation with a high impact within the short six-minute window allowed for playback. We chose to use the theme of texture as the driving imagery behind the presentation. The screen was split into four quadrants placing in the top right and bottom left images constantly and quickly changing amongst hundreds of textures like denim, nails, woods, metals etc. The remaining quadrants had examples of projects from Four Architecture. In addition, the presentation was painstakingly timed to a pop-rock soundtrack. Arcamedia empowered the client by renting them a machine for the presentation and giving them handouts on cross-platform CD-ROMs for later viewing by Levis.
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