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Modern Continental
The Northern Avenue Terminal and Crossing
Modern Continental
Arcamedia created for Modern Continental (a large construction firm and contractor for the Big Dig project in Boston) a presentation for their advanced proposal for a ferry terminal in downtown Boston on the site of the old Northern Avenue Bridge. The proposal included a complex QuickTime VR of the ferry terminal located in Boston Harbor. Arcamedia created this VR by merging the architect’s drawing with a 360-degree photograph we took at the harbor. This presentation was given in front of the mayor and city counsel members of the City of Boston. This VR assisted Arcamedia in winning the outstanding achievement in QuickTime Award from Apple Computer in 1998. Click this link to see our Quicktime VR of the harbor (note: file is 1.3 megs).

You must have QuickTime installed to view it, if you need QuickTime please visit Apple Computer™ for a quick download of the browser plug-in.
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