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Virtual Reality Panoramas
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Arcamedia is known nationally and internationally as one of the top creators of 360 degree panoramas or quicktime VR. Quicktime VR allows one to take a series of pictures in a compete circle and stitch them together later, to create one seemless panoramic photo. With this photo and software, one can convert the photo into a true virtual experience. Just click and move your mouse in a vr window and you can look wherever you want. With your keyboard, you can zoom in and out on the scene, further enhancing the "reality" of the virtual reality experience. Arcamedia's founder Adam Halem has been creating VR's since before it was a released technology. He speaks for Apple computer on a monthly basis on the subject, and has created a seminar series that covers all aspects of VR design.

You must have Quicktime™ installed to view the following VR's. If you need quicktime™ please visit Apple Computer™ for a quick download of the browser plug-in.
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