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Weddings2go was a promising Internet-based travel company that specialized arranging the travel needs of wedding guests for brides and grooms. The site included an online community with digital itineraries and messaging for each bridal party so that they were able to monitor the travel plans of each and every guest. In the late 90’s it was enrolling thousands brides and grooms each month into its service. However, its success was cut short when the crash brought excessive stress on its financial resources. Adam Halem, Arcamedia’s President, was the company’s Vice President of Technology and Design and was responsible for creating a new marketing image for Weddings2go. This began with completely re-designing the graphic interface for the web site and was then carried over into their new national marketing campaign. The advertisements appeared in wedding magazines such as, ModernBride, Bridal Guide and Wedding Bells among others (for examples see our traditional portfolio section above).
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